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Guizhou Tourism Development Commission Profile -Amazing Guizhou, Beautiful China Guizhou Tourism Development Commission comes from China and it is responsible for the overall management of tourism resources in Guizhou Province, China. It also promotes sustainable development of Guizhou tourism industry. Guizhou province located in Southwest inland of China. It is the hub of southwest transportation also a world-famous mountain tourism destination and Mountain tourism big province. Abundant tourist attractions let Guizhou has a rapidly developing in its tourism assets and diligently building its tourism brand” Mountain Park, Colorful Guizhou” Which increase Guizhou tourism industry’s development. Guizhou completed a comprehensive survey covering all its tourism resources. Over 82,700 tourist sites were identified with 51,600 pending for development. Tourists can expect to meet mountains, valleys, caves and wetlands. High-quality hot springs were found in 80% Guizhou counties. It holds enormous potential tourism destination and is well positioned to develop all-region tourism. Guizhou terrain is high in west and low in east affected by subtropical humid ...




Guizhou Tourism Development Commission

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